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My Sica Hollow Trip

Here is a video I made from a bunch of pictures I took on a trip to Sica Hollow State Park in November.

So Selective…


This week I was looking back at the photos I’ve taken over the past few months and decided to share this one. Since I clearly don’t have a “green thumb” (this orchid is now nothing more than a pot with leaves) I have to appreciate the fact that I was able to capture these pictures.

I’ve come to be quite fond of selective coloring. In this picture the light wasn’t amazing and the coloring of the white petals wasn’t even or consistent but I didn’t want to lose the gorgeous pink/fuschia coloring, hence the choice to use selective coloring.

I hope you like it!

Canon T3i  1/60s  f/1.4  ISO200  50mm

True Colors…


A couple of weekends ago I took a trip to Sica Hollow to try and capture the autumn colors before the leaves began to fall. Unfortunately there weren’t many opportunities to see colors while on the trails but I did manage to get some colorful shots when I wandered off the trail.

They say that Sica Hollow is haunted but I have never experienced anything paranormal while I’ve been there. I thought that with such stories it would be appropriate to post this in October.


Canon T3i  1/125s  f/5  ISO100  24-70mm

Character in Solitude…


Here’s a picture I took about a year ago during the Worldwide Photo Walk. I never paid much attention to it until recently and have come to really enjoy it.

I feel like it has a lot of character with the rust and the filament of which I can only guess is the remnants of a broken light bulb.

I hope you enjoy it!

Canon T3i  1/400s  f/6.3  ISO400  50mm

Seasons Change…


Well, here we are at the beginning of autumn. We have a month of school under our belts and that means that school sports are in full swing.

This semester I have an event photography class and chose an LATI softball game as one of my first events. I chose to include this photo in my blog because I love the fact that I caught them in mid-air and tried enhancing them with selective coloring. The onlookers make this even more humorous to me. I hope you enjoy!

Canon T3i  1/100s  f/2.8  ISO2500  175mm

A South Dakota View…


Hey everyone! Sorry for neglecting my blog for the past few months; life got a little too routine once summer break showed up.

Over the summer we had weekly photo assignments with specific subject matter to keep our minds on photography. This photo is my submission for the subject “earth”. This is a view across the Big Sioux River in the northwest area of Watertown. The picture was taken right before the sun completely set and allowed me to capture the colors in the sky.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

Canon T3i  1/100s  f/3.5  ISO100  50mm